Category “Darkaynu”

Shavuot @ J-HAP

Did somebody say cheesecake? Shavuot was in the air at J-HAP thanks to a Sha’arim presented holiday program. We talked about the receiving of the Ten Commandments and the Torah at Mt Sinai and how beautiful and meaningful of an event it was for the Jewish people. In the spirit…

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Lag B’omer at Darkaynu

Spring has sprung and it is our favorite time of year! The spring months are full of life and joy and some of the most exciting Jewish holidays. Adult Darkaynu took on an ambitious and intricate project led by Elisheva Drori and created fireless bonfires in honor of the holiday…

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J-HAP partnership

Disability inclusion takes a village and we are so grateful for ours. Sha’arim + Gateways has been partnering with Jewish Housing and Programming (J-HAP) since its inception. Our Executive Director, Chana Shagalow, served as a founding member of the J-HAP board from 2007-2016 and when Cornerstone Creek opened in 2017,…

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