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Giving youth and adults with disabilities access to meaningful Jewish experiences.

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Darkaynu Youth

Darkaynu for youth reaches out to Jewish students with moderate to severe disabilities or any other diagnosed challenges who are unable to attend mainstream Jewish educational programming along-side typical peers after all possible interventions have been attempted.  The goal of the program is to provide a rich and meaningful Jewish education for each student according to his or her own way of learning. Hence, DARKAYNU – Our Way.


Darkaynu for Adults

Darkaynu for adults explores new ways to enhance lives of Jewish adults with disabilities in the Twin Cities.  We offer virtual evening classes during the school year where participants have many opportunities to take part in a wide variety of Jewish activities, while promoting Jewish pride through a positive connection to their community. Classes are often visited by national and international guests, and feature musicians and artist!


J-HAP Holiday Events

Darkaynu Holiday events is a monthly program geared towards adults with disabilities. In partnership with J-HAP (Cornerstone Creek), adults come together to socialize and learn about Jewish lifecycle events through engaging and interactive activities. The events bringing adults together to listen and learn through fun experiences and  Jewish music. Participants are welcome to sing along to songs from Tefillah, popular Hebrew music, and Jewish camp songs. Participants gain educationally and stay connected to one another and to their jewish heritage through song and social interaction.


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