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Krav Maga & Practical Self Defense Seminar

Calling all Jewish Community Members! Feel empowered to walk the streets as a proud member of our Jewish community! Learn crucial self defense skills at the upcoming Krav Maga and Practical Self Defense Seminar. Equip yourself with the most effective responses to everyday common threats and attacks. In this 160-minute…

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J-HAP Event: Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot

There’s no better way to celebrate the start of a new year than by coming together with our friends at J-HAP for a Sha’arim + Gateways collaboration event. Residents of J-HAP together with participants from Sha’arim + Gateways spent time hearing about the special mitzvot and customs of Rosh Hashanah,…

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Donation Center Recycling Partnership

Connecting with the community and reducing waste are just two things we strive to do in the Sha’arim + Gateways Vocational Training Program. Our goal is to help our community grow in as many ways as possible and our mission of inclusion pairs well with our goal to remain environmentally…

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