Personalized Inclusive Vocational Training

Job and Life Skills Development for Adults with Disabilities


The Gateways Vocational Training Program takes an inclusive approach to job and life skills training  by providing personalized support for adults with disabilities training in real world environments.



Vocational Training

Through the Gateways Vocational Training track, trainees follow an individualized skills building track that allows them to develop important life and job skills. During this experience they will have the opportunity to try their hands in different areas and uncover their natural strengths, as well as build some new ones.


On Site Experience

We believe the best way to learn is on the job! Gateways offers opportunities to train skills in real world environments to maximize the transfer of skills. Trainees learn and practice job and life skills out in the community at our partner training sites. 


Community Partners

We are grateful to our community partners who are made up of businesses striving to achieve higher levels of disability inclusion in their workplace. Inclusion means everyone learns, and our partners are getting firsthand experience in the value that is brought to their companies by providing accommodations for trainees! 

We are so grateful to our current partners: Moments Hospice, Liberty Diversified Inc, Southview Acres, American Drapery, and Minneapolis Jewish Federation.

Let us know if your business would like to learn more about partnering with Gateways!

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