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Providing inclusive, guided social activities for youth and adults with disabilities.

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Friends 'N Fun Teen Club

Its a chill time for teens. Friends ‘N Fun teen club provides a laid back social atmosphere for teens to get together, hang out, and have fun. Friends ‘N Fun teens come together for fun activities and trips and the opportunity to develop friendships and build social skills through gently guided social interaction with same age peers.  


Adult Friends 'N Fun

Join same age peers for a good old good time. Once a month our adult Friends ‘N Fun participants are invited to join a fun, age appropriate inclusive activity. This is a chance to make and sustain friendships that matter.  


Community Hosted Events

Everyone deserves access to the community of their choice! We partner with community organizations to help them facilitate their own inclusive programming. We make working to ensure that anyone can join in community events and feel supported and welcome. 


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