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Donation Center Recycling Partnership

Connecting with the community and reducing waste are just two things we strive to do in the Sha’arim + Gateways Vocational Training Program. Our goal is to help our community grow in as many ways as possible and our mission of inclusion pairs well with our goal to remain environmentally…

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Basil and Bingo Friends ‘N Fun

What do Basil and Bingo have in common? Friends ‘N Fun! The Sha’arim + Gateways adult Friends ‘N Fun program recently met for an evening of friendship and fun that included a lively game of bingo with a pizza and fries dinner catered by Basil.  Participants had the opportunity to…

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Purim and Passover at JHAP

March and April were busy holiday months for Sha’arim + Gateways programming at JHAP. We were so excited to be together in person for both events! In March Sha’arim + Gateways celebrated Purim with tenants from JHAP and Darkaynu participants. We decorated graggers, filled, shaped and baked hamantaschen, and then…

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