Purim and Passover at JHAP

March and April were busy holiday months for Sha’arim + Gateways programming at JHAP. We were so excited to be together in person for both events!

In March Sha’arim + Gateways celebrated Purim with tenants from JHAP and Darkaynu participants. We decorated graggers, filled, shaped and baked hamantaschen, and then packed Mishloach Manot for the residents at Menorah Plaza Assisted Living Center. It was very meaningful to be able to share in the joy of Purim with others. Participants enjoyed entertainment by Shana Eisenberg and had the opportunity to sing along to many favorite Purim songs and a broad choice of Jewish songs. Purim is a fun holiday and we certainly felt joyous being together and getting into the Purim spirit.

Up next, in April we got together one again for an early Passover celebration. JHAP residents and Darkaynu participants decorated individual seder plates to use at our respective family or friend seders. We also made Afikoman bags. There is nothing like having your own personalized bag to hide that special piece of Matzah. Participants tested their knowledge with a Passover trivia game. Team Matzah and Team Moses had fun sharing their Passover knowledge. The final scores were so close with Team Moses winning by one point! We were introduced to the Matzah Ball dance to get into some fun and goofy holiday spirit. We’re ready for the holidays!