Community Krav Maga Seminars

Members from across the community got together for Krav Maga & practical self defense seminars! Everyone who attended learned crucial self defense skills, tapped into their inner warrior and had a great time. Both classes had a fantastic turn out! It was truly wonderful to come together as a community to empower one another. A big thank you to our amazing instructors, Raz Chan and Carlos Gutierrez from Guardian Self Defense for teaching the seminars and to Layah Shagalow of Sha’arim + Gateways for making this all possible! Let us know if you are interested in another set of seminars!

Thanks to participating organizations for helping spread the word – Chabad – SLP, Chabad YJP, Darchei Noam, MJF, and YALA! This event was funded by a grant from MJF.