Thrift Shop/ Vocational Training – 2020

Many things have changed in our world over the past several months and we have all needed to adjust; the Gateways Thrift Shop and Vocational Training Program is no exception. Although both the Thrift Shop and our in-person training had to be put on hold briefly, that didn’t mean that our programming and social connections were paused as well. In fact, our programming has expanded!

We are proud to announce that we now partner with the Transitions Plus program and are an official vocational training site for students with disabilities aged 18-21 as they transition out of the high school setting.

While we have expanded our on-site training and added all of the necessary health and safety precautions, we have added a new virtual element to our program. As soon as we realized that some of our participants would not be able to meet with us in person, we began a weekly virtual chat. Participants are given a specific question to answer each week and when we “meet” we all have an opportunity to share our thoughts. The things our participants share each week can be so enlightening and often lead us to discuss topics we might not otherwise have touched on. We also get some great schmoozing in! After all, everyone craves social interaction and personal connection.

Gateways Thrift Shop is open for shopping and we look forward to seeing you there as you enjoy our amazing treasures and great deals!