Thrift Shop Spring Update

2019 UPDATE -April 3, 2019


The snow is now gone and spring is in the air. We are all so very happy! Everyone’s mood is brighter and excited as we shed our layers of clothing.

Since our last update, we have now enrolled a total of 10 interns from a variety of different backgrounds, experiences, and knowledge. Some have job coaches and some do not. In creating this program, I have learned so much from our interns. As each progress through the program, some share a perspective that is quite unique and surprising. I am proud to say that we are a very individualized program that meets each adult where they are when they join us. It’s a real joy to see each one grow and develop skills they too were not aware they had because it was never an opportunity to try it out in a safe and supportive environment.

Our second Pop-Up Sale of our winter clothing, furniture, and other items was a great success with seven of our interns working, lots of wonderful volunteers and job coaches lending a hand.  Many learned and applied skills from the program and felt empowered by the experience and even more excited about finding our retail space. Please visit our Facebook and Instagram for photos from that day.

Lastly, our interns have had reevaluations and new goal setting. Throughout the program there have been a myriad of classes and workshops with me (DSc. Physical Therapist) on safe work ergonomics, scanning environment, and increased physical activity along with proper sleep and diet hygiene required for work. Special Needs Educator Neely Silverman taught a lesson on team building, Speech Pathologist Debra Yardley conducted a workshop on communication in the work place, and we have also been using role playing and conflict resolution strategies in the work environment. Lastly, Professional Photographer Leslie Parker showed the interns how to create website banners and marketing photos for social media.  We plan to move on with workshops on empathy, coping with anxiety in the work place, resume writing, and preparation for job interviewing.