Thrift Shop Spring/Summer Update

As each month passes, we get closer to finding a retail space for our storefront. Our donation center continues to get more and more full. This is a good problem to have and we are truly grateful for the wonderful quality of items we get from so many people all over Minneapolis and St. Paul.

We continue to see tremendous growth in all our interns as they move toward their goals. For many who have exceeded their goals, they recognize new goals and want to continue to improve themselves for when we open our retail shop. The interns are all experiencing new challenges both Neely and I have been directing them in preparation for the transition into the shop where they will be required to have increased social interactions with the public.

The level of supervision for many of our interns has decreased in proximity while the length of time working independently has increased. We are so proud of all our interns and their desire to be professional and do their best when in a work environment.