Summer 2019

“It is with great delight and joy that I formally announce the opening of our Thrift Shop retail space located at 4 Shady Oak Rd in Hopkins (located in the Suburban Mall on Shady Oak Rd between Highway 7 and Excelsior Blvd). The search for a space has been long and, at times, somewhat discouraging, but we persevered and with G-d’s help the dream is now a reality!! Gateways Thrift Store is open for business!!” Expressed perfectly by Chana Shagalow, Executive Director of Sha’arim. That dream and vision of believing in this project is now true and a reality!

The interns have all been moving through the vocational training program and, for some, nearing the end of their six-month internship. The final two units of training have been resumé writing and interviewing skills. These final units of training are comprehensive, as it pulls together all the skill-sets they have been learning throughout the course. It is also indicative of how they have grown and developed socially in the areas of self-esteem, dignity, pride, and freedom to choose what they want to do next after receiving their certificate from our program. Our program is comprehensive, and adults can continue to learn if they remain open to listen and try.

The pioneering group of four young women from eQuality – Pathways to Potential have been a real joy to work with as our first partner agency. We had much fun with them and all four were an inspiration and example of what teamwork is all about. We want to express our gratitude for sharing their time with us and learning together with us. We provided them with a certificate of completion and letters of recommendations as needed as they go forth into the working world which we hope is more meaningful and gainful.