Gateways Vocational Program New Year Update

It may be a chilly Minnesota winter but in the Gateways Vocational Training Program and Thrift Shop you can always count on a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

Over the past months in the Gateways Vocational Training Program we have been focusing on learning about different kinds of feedback and how to appropriately receive feedback in the workplace. We had an interactive lesson where trainees were able to share times when they had received feedback and how they responded to it. The trainees then discussed how receiving feedback can help them to learn and grow. It’s important that we all be lifelong learners.

We work hard to make sure that the skills learned in the Donation Center can lead to successful work experience in an outside setting. As we have continued our partnership with Moments Hospice, two Gateways trainees have been practicing taking their skills from within our Donation Center space and applying them to the tasks they now work on at the Moments Hospice office. This method of skills training enabled our trainees to be successful on their first day in their new training space. We call that a success, and as we like to say around here, “success breeds success!”

As always, the merchandise in the Gateways Thrift Shop is ever changing and we are currently working on a new display to help brighten and warm up your winter. Come to the shop to check it out and to visit with our amazingly friendly retail manager Chris!