FNF merch donation

We believe that collaboration is at the heart of inclusion. Which is why we love our partnership with West Education Center! WEC is a public school program that helps young adults improve their job and life skills. In addition to having WEC students join the Gateways Vocational Training Program, we have also been able to help donate items to their student community store, including clothing, racks, and most recently a bunch of awesome swag. The community store helps WEC students who need access to essential items of daily living. With a partnership like this nothing goes to waste and everyone gets what they need! We love it!

*Sha’arim + Gateways was able to donate some clothing racks to the store, which also became a job training opportunity for the young man who restored them!

We were also able to partner with the Minnesota JCC Inclusion participants and Project SOAR to share in a special Tikkun Olam project benefiting The Bridge For Youth, a local shelter supporting youth and teens experiencing homelessness by providing supplies from our inventory overstock and items displaying our old branding.