Partner Schools New Year Update

Where has the first half of the school year gone? We can’t believe we are entering 2023! While everyone is busy making new year’s resolutions, Sha’arim is continuously committed to the resolution that we make every year, all year long – to provide meaningful and responsible inclusion of all students with disabilities or challenges. 

Inclusive Jewish education is not something that we resolve to do only when a new year rolls around, we are on it 24/7 everyday of the year!  Our partnerships with Bet Shalom, Chabad Hebrew School, Lubavitch Cheder, Minneapolis Talmud Torah, Temple Israel and Torah Academy are going strong and each day this year we are present to help over 65 students achieve success both academically and socially. A shout out of thanks to our Sha’arim instructors. Thank you to Simone, Delia, Chani and Maggie for making sure whenever students are attending a Jewish educational program, you are there to support them and make the experience a positive and successful one. We can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store. No matter what, Sha’arim will be present, willing and able to bring meaning to disability inclusion at all of our partner schools.