Partner School Update

The year is off to a great start. It is so wonderful to be back with all of our partner schools and meet with students IN PERSON!

Over the past year Sha’arim instructors have been super creative in keeping our students engaged and learning over zoom and similar online platforms.The past year proved to be a challenge for many of our learners as their different challenges and learning styles were not compatible with online schooling. Many of our learners had to step away from their Hebrew and Religious school settings for the year because many hours on a computer was not conducive to their style of learning. Sha’arim instructors continued to work with them 1:1 virtually being flexible with their timing to try to keep them engaged at a minimal level. This worked for some, but for others it was just too much and, unfortunately, they had to step away all together.  

September brought much joy when students re-entered their physical classrooms. 

With the reopening of school spaces, we are excited to see many of our learners back in school. As always, our Sha’arim instructors are here to help them adjust both academically and behaviorally to being back in the classroom with peers. Aleph Bet, Hebrew reading, Bar/Bat Mitzvah support, in class support, and behavioral modifications are some of wonderful things that have been reintroduced for our learners and we are watching the smiles re-emerge, the skills being gained, and the joy being experienced by all as our community of learners is back together again. Our instructors are there for our students and we are excited to see them succeed and feel good about being a part of their Jewish educational communities. Looking forward to a great year of learning!