Category “Partner Schools”

Teacher Tool Box Trainings for Partner Schools

One of the best ways we can help our partner schools in supporting students with identified needs is to help them support ALL of their students. We provide a teacher training workshop to the full staff of each of our partner schools at the start of every school year. These…

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Partner School Intakes

School is almost in session! While everyone is enjoying the last few weeks of summer, we are hard at work preparing for the first days of school. Prior to the start of the school year we meet with the parents of every student who will be receiving support from Sha’arim…

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Camp TEKO Staff Training

It’s been wonderful to watch our partnership with Camp Teko grow! We are so grateful to our partners for making disability inclusion a priority in their community spaces. It was our pleasure this summer to provide multiple trainings on best practices for inclusion and provide practical application skills and knowledge…

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