Friends ‘N Fun New Year Update

Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023! The Friends ‘N Fun season that began in September has been going strong ever since and it’s been really great so far. We’re especially excited that this will be our first full year of events for our new division of Teen Friends ‘N Fun. With two events per month, Friends ‘N Fun participants always know that they’re going to have something fun to do. 

We love inviting friends from our community to join in Friends ‘N Fun events, we had some new faces join us at our Adult Friends ‘N Fun event at Whirlyball! We also went to Heartfelt where we made some cool winterscapes. Friends ‘N Fun teens had the opportunity to explore their inner selves through expressive art and Studio Inside Out, and got to have some, good old fun at Dave and Busters Arcade! We’re definitely not worried about being cooped up this winter since we know what’s coming….. two events with Comedy Sportz! One for teens and one for adults! We always have a good laugh when Comedy Sportz joins us. We’re looking forward to fun, frosty, season of Friends ‘N Fun!