About Partner Schools

Sha’arim provides a unique service by supporting the education of Jewish children with special needs (K-12) in their own school environment, thereby facilitating the optimal learning opportunity socially and academically.

Essentially, Sha’arim is a school without walls. Our educators are professionally trained in Jewish and General education as well as in the best ways to support children with special educational needs — allowing us a specialty niche in educating the broader Jewish community with standards of quality that are unmatched in the Twin Cities educational arena.

In this role, we partner with Jewish school programs across the Twin Cities to provide assessments, in school educational support, referrals, education planning and so much more to parents who struggle with the emotional, financial and educational challenges unique to having a child with special needs.

2023-2024 Partner Schools

  • Bais Yaakov 
  • Bet Shalom
  • Chabad Hebrew School
  • Minneapolis Talmud Torah
  • Temple Israel
  • Torah Academy

Would you like Sha’arim to partner with your school? Let us know!