About Darkaynu

The Darkaynu program is committed to providing a Jewish Education for children and adults who do not attend mainstream schools. Our goal is create a rich and meaningful Jewish education for each student according to his or her own way of learning. Hence, Darkaynu- Our Way. Our side stream settings allows students the opportunity to enjoy a Jewish studies experience that caters to their specific needs.

Darkaynu is committed to providing these individuals:

  • A Jewish education that is conducive to their unique needs
  • Qualified teaching staff with expertise in moderate to severe special needs
  • Smaller classes with appropriate teacher/student ratio
  • Multi-sensory learning opportunities
  • Social skills
  • Meaningful inclusion within the Jewish community.

The Darkaynu program is split into 2 classes – one for school aged youth (grades K-12) and one for adults (ages 18+). Classes are held at the sabes JCC during the school year for youth and throughout the calendar year for adults.