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Donation Center Recycling Partnership

Connecting with the community and reducing waste are just two things we strive to do in the Sha’arim + Gateways Vocational Training Program. Our goal is to help our community grow in as many ways as possible and our mission of inclusion pairs well with our goal to remain environmentally…

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Sha’arim + Gateways with Moments Hospice Partnership

The Sha’arim + Gateways Vocational Training Program keeps growing and we are proud to announce our new partnership with Moments Hospice, a community business. When Moments Hospice approached us with the opportunity to work on an office job with them, we enthusiastically said “yes”!  This new partnership has allowed us…

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Sha’arim Auction Benefit 2019

Sha’arim has become known for its annual Auction Benefit fundraiser. The organization was founded 21 years ago to support the needs of the Jewish special needs community in the Twin Cities. Sha’arim works tirelessly, year-round to support these families with a multitude of varying services and programs. But once a…

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