Darkaynu for Youth

Darkaynu for Youth looks to provide a rich and meaningful Jewish education for each student according to his or her own way of learning.

Darkaynu for Young Adults

Darkaynu for young adults explores new ways to enhance the lives of Jewish young adults with special needs in the Twin Cities.

Darkaynu Café

Darkaynu Café is a monthly program specifically geared toward Jewish young adults with special needs.

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A Chance to Become Jewishly Connected

The Darkaynu Program is filling the unmet need in our community of a Jewish educational and social program geared specifically for the population of Jewish youth and young adults who cannot be mainstreamed in a typical Jewish setting. For some of these students who attend classes, it can be the only interaction they have with Jewish peers in a social or educational setting. Darkaynu allows these individuals a chance to become Jewishly connected and find a place for themselves within the Jewish community. We are proud to be able to impact the lives of these children and young adults across our community.

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